General update #1: This weekend's videos
Hi folks!

This sort of post will be where patrons get exclusive updates about what's coming up on Randomise User. In future they'll be for patrons only and include more juicy inside information.

Once more patrons come on board, I'll start doing additional posts for different reward tiers. These may include Early Access posts where you can see some videos before anybody else, and hopefully videos exclusive to that tier and above.

Anyhoo, here's the update! Coming up this weekend:

* Friday 19th August: The first Alpha Soup in a while! I hope you like bikes because things get seriously GNARLY.

This will be the first bike game covered on Randomise User since Bikepark, a video I did ages ago and one of my first highly watched videos (despite the shitty old mike):

* Saturday 20th August: We return to the crazy chicken game CKHN for a nice, long let's play where we go hunting for the new wolves they just added. The Lamppost creature I build out of bits of cat, fish and pig is a beaut!

Here's the last time we took on CHKN:

* Sunday 21st August: Our latest challenge video, in which Pete and I go head-to-head in two different games to achieve the same goal. This one's Starbound vs Terraria, which should annoy people, hooray!

The previous challenge we did was in Saints Row 3:

* Monday 22nd August: We'll look at a new turn-based roguelike in another Alpha Soup, which adds some unusual ideas to the genre.

* Beyond: With almost no ongoing let's plays on the channel, expect more Playtests and stuff, one-off Starbounds, and the like. New Savage Lands will happen, depending on when they release the latest update.

As usual, everything could change, but that's my current plan.

We're still in soft-launch for this Patreon to see if it's viable and all that, but hopefully these updates will settle down into a rhythm. For now it'll be "whenever I do them"!

See you next time.


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