A General Update
Hi, folks! I'm sorry for the silence from me as of late. I've been sorting through some of the various projects I'm currently involved in, and working on developing a new plan for this Patreon; one that involves as many of my creative works as possible.

Many of you know I've been doing voiceover work and comic dubs (largely related to Undertale so far, but I've also got a visual novel and some other projects I'm involved in as well). I plan on continuing to expand in this direction, to create quality voiceover content for everyone to enjoy.

I'd like to also include voice commissions as part of this, and may start including those as a reward for patrons as well.

I have plans for a podcast, a long-form comic dub, and to dip back into creating more visual novel content, as well.

And, of course, I will be continuing my Let's Play, though there will be less of a focus on it in light of these other projects.

I wanted to let you know about these changes in advance, because I did not want this to seem to be something dishonest on my part. While I would understand if the shift in focus is not something that you all support, I also really rely on your support more than I've expressed, and appreciate it beyond words. I want to make more content for you to enjoy, and I want you to be happy with the outcome.

I invite you to stick with me while I make my shift in focus and adjust the site, add new milestones and goals, and of course, work out just how to reward you all for your continued support.