Hi all! Giving you guys a first look at my new piece "Generosity." Some time ago there was a bit of a financial mix-up and I was billed for something a month early, which of course caused some problems with my account. A friend offered to send some funds my way to keep me afloat, but I hate taking advantage of others and insisted that at the very least I take it as a commission if he insisted that I not pay it back later. He asked for Rarity, and requested that I make something that I could also turn into a print/contest entry to get more mileage out of it, which was even more kind of him! Inspired by his act of generosity, I felt it fitting to create something based on the episode, "Rarity Takes Manehattan." It will be available as a print at upcoming cons, and will soon be submitted to the WeLoveFine contest as well!