Genesis of "Carnacki: Recorder of Things Strange"

written by  M. S. Corley 

I’ve been working on my Carnacki: Recorder of Things Strange comic since the idea first came to me back in 2010. I was working on some comics for Dark Horse and didn't love everything I needed to draw for the issues, mainly due to the lack of my own artistic skill (like horses) and at the time I was trying to find the answer to: If I drew a comic that only had the things I wanted, everything that what was important to me, told the stories I needed to tell, what would that look like?

-an old sketch before style change

And so, Carnacki. 

It’s been a slow ordeal, with this being a passion project that I’m only able to work on in the spare moments as time rushes past, but I’ve progressively built the stories and the characters and everything in the world to a point to where I feel set to start sharing it with everyone on a more consistent basis and see who's interested in following this lone pilgrim’s weird journey through life. 

Currently I’ve plotted out the first five volumes of the comic, now I'm going through the tedious process of actually drawing them. Each volume will consist of a collection of about 5 short stories. Ranging from 8-16 pages for each story, mainly because I much prefer the short story format opposed to telling large arcs in 32 page issues that come out monthly over a period of many years (a schedule I can’t keep up with for this project in my free time). 

- some thumbnailed and fully sketched pages so far. 

Each volume contains stories that are thematically tied together, but are not in chronological order from Carnacki's life. Purposefully disordered to weave a story and overarching mystery in a more satisfying way (at least that’s the plan). Think of them more as the short stories in the Hellboy series, they do have greater meaning when seen on the whole and are full of little nods that will make more sense as you read more stories, but individually they work perfectly fine as interesting little stories that don't require a greater context to understand.

- art from the original print back at 1910

While this comic is inspired by the character created by William Hope Hodgson, it is not a true adaptation as it were. Thematically my stories are going to lean much more heavily into the supernatural as I have cursed him with the second sight. So the Carnacki here is not meant to be the exact character from Hodgson’s original stories. I know full well that I could never successfully add onto what he wrote about his Carnacki. 

(click here to listen to the original Carnacki audiobook for free on youtube) 

This is a new story told about the character I have loved for many years, as I see him and the world he inhabits in my mind. I hope you enjoy what I have to share. 

Time now, for ghosts. 

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