The Genesis Project is our first game and 3DadsGaming's next big step in making our dream for the company a reality! Keep reading for a brief peek at the kind of game we're making!

The Genesis Project:

  • Is a table top card game, what we would call a deck building, combat game, where players buy cards during the buy phase, to build their own deck and then draw their hand from their own deck during the action and combat phases.

  • Featuring micro-turns, where rounds consist of multiple small turns made by each player, keeping the pace of the game fast and making sure you never have to sit and wait while your friend takes a 20 minute turn (lets face it, that's not fun for any one but your friend!)

  • Competitive Co-Op: The game is designed to let players play most of it as unofficial teams, creating alliances of convenience or tight knit teams bent on keeping their husbands from winning! However you can also go it alone or stab one another in the back! Just remember, in the end, there can be only one

  • The Genesis Project is just one planned game in a series of similar games. Each one with a different theme, different cards and unique rules that dramatically change the end goal of the game. And here's the best part, these games will be designed to be played both as stand alone games OR be combined into crazy hybrids!
    We'll announce what the theme for Project Genesis will be, once we've hit that that first patron goal!