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Genetically Enhanced Intelligence - Major Concerns
After the drama of Laughing Witch something a little more cerebral.


i try and keep drama-related content unpledged (as you will have noticed none of the Laughing Witch related videos were pledged) but they nevertheless could not be made without the money pledged for my four pledged videos each month (and in most cases they were recorded on my extra-childcare recording days prior to a pledged video like this one being recorded).

The next video is close to being an exception to that rule. The next (planned) video will discuss the claim that Thunderf00t is a Nazi and look at the interview with ray Comfort on which the claim was made and analyse the answer he gave. That seems to be a subject everyone happily discusses yet hardly anyone seems to have actually critiqued the claims on video so i think that is something well worth doing and something of interest in it's own right. But that is touching on 'drama' and it will be pledged.