A new set, GENIEDOPTABLES!  Get your little lady to grant your wishes~  yay

$40 gets you the genie character (no fuss no muss) plus a full body render of said character (this will be placed on the commission list -->

** note, the genies do not have names provided.  They're called whatever their new master wishes to call them.

Here's the release schedule ...

- 1st day, Patrons get first dibs. (ends 5/8)

- 1st week, everyone can only get ONE (ends 5/15)

- free for all after that.  (I'm changing the phase out policy, though, these will only last 1-4 weeks at longest.  so don't delay)

Being said ... here's the introductions:

- Honey Genie - this mamabear is super sweet

- iPod Genie - grants wishes AND dishes out smooth beats

- Lavalamp Genie - Firey hot tsundjinn

- Perfume Genie - It's a really strong scent!

- Jeannie Bottle Genie - A confusing, vulnerable, and adorable helper

- Shampoo-Conditioner Genie - no, you don't get double wishes for this one

Let me know if you're interested, and good luck!