The Gentlemen Dandies' Association
The latest yearbook for the Gentlemen Dandies’ Association is finally finished. Lord George Cumberland, Earl of Forsythe, has been voted Most Eligible Bachelor for the second year running, though the latest gossip is that he won’t qualify for the title next year. Word is that Lady Wilhelmina Applewhite has set her cap on him, and the pair of them were allegedly discovered in flagrante delicto at Duke Chesterton’s ball last week. Most scandalous. Mr. Percy Worthing bested Viscount Olgilvy to claim the title of Champion Fencer. Their match this June was well attended—so well attended that a policing force was necessary to keep the lady spectators from throwing themselves onto the stage. Though both gentlemen found the enthusiastic support quite gratifying. Sir Frederick Ashford successfully patented another distinctive cravat pattern, and was unanimously voted Most Fashionable Man About Town by his fellow club members. For those keeping score, this marks the eighteenth cravat pattern from Sir Ashford, who will soon be opening another haberdashery shop on Fifth Avenue to the delight of many. And the ingenious inventor Lord W. I. P. Quixotic announced this May that his time machine has finally been perfected. To demonstrate its accuracy, he jaunted off to the year 3089. He is due to return mid-December—his goal being to be home before the Christmas celebrations—and promises to bring many marvels from the far-flung future to stun and amaze any who wish to be enlightened. If you would like to leave any message for Lord Quixotic, please drop them in his clearly marked mailbox at 12 Penny Farthing Lane.