GeoCities: a Blast from the Past!
 Remember Geocities? Well before it got shut down, some amazing people  from the Archive Team managed to scrape most (if not all) of the  content before it went offline. They released it in a giant 641GB  torrent. 

We are currently working on downloading the entire thing, and will probably try to get a full, working mirror hosted. 

 This thing is one of the biggest historical archives of the early  internet around. It was launched in 1994 and shut down in 2009. 

 We are happy to keep preserving the history of the internet (and  mandkind itself), and this is a huge milestone for that process. 

 If you like what we are doing and want us to continue doing it, we can  use as much financial support as possible. Most of the costs for  hardware come out of pocket, but we can accept virtually any payment  method. The more the community can help, the less time I have to spend  working, and can focus my time growing the scope of the archives. 

Thank you for the support everybody :D