George and me and the Pad Pal ☺
Believe it or not, the Synthesaurus has "real" friends (meaning not only "Facebook friends", but real-life friends). I'm not really sure if George would call me a friend, but I surely would him call that. "George" is not that person's real name, because as I told you a while ago, the Synthesaurus will preserve anyone's anonymity unless the very person allows me to use their real name, or one of their aliases.

Anywho, George is also a synth guy. Our musical tastes differ quite a lot, but we get along pretty well.  Also, in contrast to the Synthesaurus, George actually learned how to play keyboard, by having piano- and organ-lesson from a very early age on.

The other day we were joking around about the fact that there are never enough switches to use on our keyboards to trigger certain functions without using our hands (which should at any time be on the keyboard).

You know, there are foot pedals, and there are ... there are ... uhm. That's it. There are foot pedals. There is nothing else. But the human body has some more joints to use. Like elbows and knees. So why not use those to trigger stuff?

That's why we invented the Pad Pal - some trigger pads for your elbows and knees, conveniently worked into a keyboard stand! Put your keyboard on that, program the pads like you would with a foot switch, and here you go!

George and I had a great laugh about how it would look like using your elbows and knees while playing the keyboard. Like Kung-Fu-Fighting! "Those guys were fast as lightning!" )

Additionally available: The "Headbutt" pad! (helmet included)

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