George Soros, Black Panther. Political Cartoon.
I drew this after reading how SOROS just said Trump will be gone in 2020. He wants to start a race war. Black Panther seems to me, I have not seen it yet. But All the Hunger Games and Star Wars had serious lefty programming in it, including suicide bombs, and resistance fighters. SO I bet you this movie has anti white programming in it, getting prepped for riots. Just like Beyonce's Lemonade, there were riots shortly after it. I wonder if this movie will spark riots too.

George Soros, is the white liberal behind all the black men. Democrats are the party of slavery.

I drew this because he would go to this premier, for blacks, but would hide behind a mask. Most Lefties who are white dont go on opening night, out of respect for the blacks. Unless you are George Soros, and can hide behind a mask. Like a voyeur of sorts.

My friend on Twitter also did a POLITICAL CARTOON on the ICELAND BANNING circumcision. SEE MY UPLOADS here!