George W Bush's great democracy speech!!!
Episode 912:   What G W Bush lacked in enthusiasm in his “democracy speech”  he more than made up for by his inaccuracies!!!  More than a handful of times during his speech to President Trump, he described America as a Democracy.  The was blatant and purposeful!!!

 G W Bush, who I deem to have had a failed presidency because 9/11 and the housing bubble bursting both happened on his watch.  His moderate views on everything except war are well documented.  Remember when he said “ in order to save the free market, we need to abandon free market principals” that idea in and of itself shows his lack of understanding about economics.  G W Bush was and still is a big government establishment republican.

 President Trump operates outside of the establishment, and established norms, and is tweaking the nose of all the right people, because lets be frank some of those folks need their noses tweaked.  I'm not saying republicans have to be in lock step with everything their president does, but to throw a fellow republican under the bus for no good reason, is going to loose you a lot of points with the American people!!!

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