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Gerlock's Army
Gerlock is a nobody. A good fer nothin'. low down dirty goblin. But he is a goblin that commands an army, albeit a small one. Every good army needs a place to train and so following an exhaustive search (about twenty minutes) Gerlock decided to use a local cave. Using his small army, he had them claw, dig and scrape their way to making the cave much larger that it was previously. It is now well over 500% larger than it was last year, and they are constantly clearing more rock and earth. Last month they discovered an underground stream which filled the tunnel they had been digging in, but now they have a fresh water source. Two rickety guard shacks watch the mouth of the cave and wide, rugged stairs lead up into the rock. A large kitchen/mess area leads off to the left. This is where you will find Durrneekal the 'chef' hard at work feeding 'her boys' as she calls them. A secret chamber leads to Gerlock's stash of treasures. Further along the main tunnel, a stairway leads down to Gerlock's personal chamber. Pretty nifty eh? How goblin's have their own room? The main tunnel leads to the training chamber, a wide and high ceiling room (about twelve feet, we are talking high for goblins here). In here are sluggfest pits for the goblins to practice their fighting; a small area for lectures on how to maim, mangle and nibble on enemies; and a small room for sleeping. The stairs down to the flooded tunnel can be found here as well.
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