Gestures from imagination!
Before the start of this assignment, the poses I could do quickly from my head were very limited. I tended to do a lot of the same, and they always came out kind of stiff. I scraped a few of these since they made no sense within the first few lines, and I also took a couple extra seconds to finish them so I wasn't rushing, but oh...what a difference! All in all I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Doing these was proof that I have in fact improved, and I really do hope all of you feel the same in some way. Even if you only got to do a few gestures for this lesson, or life prevented you from drawing at all, that is perfectly ok. There is always next month, or the month after that, because it is never too late to start if drawing is what you want to do. And if I can help you to steer you in the right direction somehow, to motivate, encourage, maybe even inspire...then I will be so proud. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn to teach you, while also teaching myself at the same time. Most of all for believing I'm worth supporting, but whether you have pledged money or not (since the posts are visible to everyone) you deserve my deepest gratitude. This is kind of a big deal to me, and it feels so amazing to be able to do it. I will try my best to improve this Patreon when I can, however I can.

Now that I've gotten incredibly sappy, back to my gestures! I realized that I was focusing too much on making the people readable in the screencap thumbnails instead of paying attention to how the shapes frame the shot, so I tried to look for the major masses and where lines overlapped first. Back to what I was doing when I started them a week ago, which is a good thing. Sometimes I have to stop and fix where I may be going wrong. 

Today I am going to start working on the charts we will use at the beginning of the August lesson! Thankfully I only have to focus on this first part (going from gesture to construction, and finding the shapes we'll use for our reference model) and I can use each week after to plan for the next one. It would be a nightmare for all of us to try to tackle volume, proportions, form and everything else all at once. Figure drawing is already overwhelming to begin with, but fingers crossed I can make it a bit easier to understand!