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Hey fellow creatives!

Would you like an hour-long, one-on-one portfolio review and/or creative talk with yours truly?

I'm offering a super ridiculous deal for a limited time for Level 3 supporters  of Good Job Tommy! I will spend an hour on the phone with you talking about your portfolio, what you want out of your creative life and/or career how to achieve some of those goals and anything else you'd like some feedback about.

I know how valuable it is to be able to talk to someone about your work and your creative path in a meaningful way, so I'm offering a one-on-one discussion with anyone who signs up  to be a Level 3 (Collaborator) Patron by this Sunday, April 30th! That's just $15 for an hour-long personal consultation, plus you'll get all the other great rewards available to Level 3 Patrons (complete list of Level 3 rewards below).

Am I an expert?

No, but I have been a professional illustrator  for 10 years, creating artwork for clients like The New York Times, WIRED, The Wall Street Journal and others, some of which has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts. I have also served as the Creative Director of Illustration Age for almost as long, where I curate tons of illustration and design work on a regular basis.

Testimonials from past Portfolio Reviews:

"I will definitely be making most, if not all, of the changes we  discussed and I know my portfolio will be stronger because of it!

For  me, discussing which pieces should or should not be in my portfolio was one of the most helpful parts. Also, talking about the organization of  my website was really helpful as well as our brief discussion about  promo pieces."

- Michelle Kondrich, Illustrator

"Having  a one on one actual voice conversation was really great. Since our  conversation I feel even more inspired to work on new portfolio pieces,  as well as look at my current ones with a new pair of eyes.

I  liked that Thomas took the time to look at my portfolio and make specific  suggestions about specific pieces. I didn't at all feel like he was working from some 'cookie cutter' formula for all illustrators, since  obviously we are all unique individuals."

- Melissa Dow, Illustrator

Want an hour-long portfolio/creative review? Sign up here at Level 3! 

What else will you get?

  • Exclusive Access to The Good Job Tommy Audio Journal Podcast
  • Exclusive Video Content
    (Process videos, Workshop and studio tours, interviews, etc.)
  • Ability to submit questions to the Good Job Tommy Audio Journal and/or Video Content(Includes name and website mention on-air)
  • Exclusive In-the-Workshop peeks at a variety of current projects and creative approaches.
  • Access to Live Video Streams of Creative Projects
  • Entry in Monthly Giveaway Drawing
    (Win Original Art or Varied Items of Interest)
  • Random Weird Item(s) of Interest of my choosing mailed to you via snail mail once a month!
    - Will it be art, an invention, a mysterious object? Half the fun will be finding out!
  • (Optional) Ability to collaborate on and contribute to a variety of long-distance creative projects, such as:
    - original music
    - stop-motion animation
    - illustrated picture book dummies
    - poster designs
    - product designs
    - inventions
    - anything else we can imagine!
  • Additional Exclusive Audio and Video Content for Collaborators
    (Related to Collaborative Projects)
  • The Love of Good Job Tommy

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