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Last year I started this whole Patreon thing thanks to my youngest son, David, who kept bugging me about it. 

I resisted for the longest time. But, wow, I’m SO glad I listened to his advice now!

Why? Well, Wendy and I have paid our rent the last 2 months thanks to everyone of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Speaking of THANK YOU, I’ll be loading everyone up with some EXTRA goodies this month to celebrate.

Here’s what I’m planning: In addition to all the other cool stuff you get for being a patron here - like the Table Talk Podcast with Keith and Wendy and the weekly e-newsletter "Imperfect Signals" - I'll also be sending you cool stuff like this:

*Tier 1 [$2/month]

*Unravelled [PDF] – this is the bonus book I created for my “Jesus Untangled” Book Promo Team. It’s about 85 pages of extra material that didn’t make it, but is still mega awesome. I plan to use this as the basis for the follow-up book, “Jesus UnAmerican” sometime in 2020 or 2021. But you can read the first half now!

*Tier 2  [$20/month]

In addition to your usual goodness, I’ll also send you the Unravelled PDF, and 5 of you will get a free download code for the audio book “Jesus Unbound”, annnnd: 

*A sneak peek PDF copy of my next book, “Jesus Unveiled” which releases at the end of April.

Tier 3 [$50/month] 

In addition to everything above, and all the other goodies you normally enjoy, I’ll be adding this to your list:

*An exclusive behind-the-scenes video about the newest book “Jesus Unveiled” where I talk about why I wrote it, the impact that the original version of the book “This Is My Body” has already had on people; what I added, what I removed [and why], and a lot more.

Tier 4 [$100/month] 

All the rest, PLUS: A private Q&A Zoom session where you can ask me anything you want and we can talk for an hour about Jesus, house church, movies, China, or whatever you like.

How’s that sound?

Hopefully that sounds great to you. I’m looking forward to creating and sharing all of this with all of you as a way of showing my intense gratitude for your support – especially over the last few months.

So, whether you've been supporting us all year long, or you just started supporting us today, it's not too late to get in on the fun! Sign up for any level this month and you'll be eligible for these goodies - and more!

Thanks again for all of your love and support as Wendy and I prepare to begin our adventures in Shanghai, China later this year.



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