"Get a Patreon.." they said... :)
AND WE DID IT! As the winter is upon us, and 2018 is just on the horizon, RussFactor and crew are about to take GiantMediaEmpire into it's 4th year! We have a lot of great entertainment and content to share over various different platforms, and found that Patreon may be the best place to keep everything together for those who want to support what we are doing. 

TheRussFactorShow is of course where our content creators come together to do some radio every week, but throughout the rest of the week, we will all be working on separate content, ranging from videos, blogs, podcasts, game streams and more! 

2018 is shaping up to be pretty exciting, as we have made some upgrades to everything that we need to create some really cool content, from podcasts, to game streams, video sketches, to facebook live!

You can help support everything we plan to do, and make it more of reality. If you want to support us, snatch up one of the sweet monthly pledges we have set up.  Soon, we will be giving away some limited edition, handcrafted merch to our patrons.. "How can a dumb radio show and internet media production company have hand crafted merch.. do I want to know??" YES YOU DO! :)