Get ready for a new song...
Hey Patrons! Just popping in to say that I'll be posting a brand-spanking-new song in a few short hours. Meanwhile, I've added a new support level - for $10 you can get a real-life postcard from me every time I post a song. I'll select an appropriate card, write out some lyrics from my newest song, kiss it, sign it, and mail it to your door. If you've pledged at the $5 level, we still haven't had a google hangout! That's because I've heard that google hangout is kind of lame. Please send me a message and let me know if there's a format you'd prefer for us to have some quality internet time together! Otherwise, I will go ahead and schedule a time to meet in a regular old-fashioned chat room. We'll party like it's 1999! Below is a tiny taste of the new song. Expect it around 2pm central! Love and stuff, Carsie PS. Oh! If I can find a kazoo somewhere in the city of New Orleans, I'm going to release an updated and unrated version of "Fat & Happy". I added a naughty verse and a kazoo solo. :)
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