Get Ready For Chapter 3: Which Side Are You On?
 Since there seems to be the option of two paths of either going to where Bendy is and or going to Alice since there are the achievements "The Path of the Demon" or "The Path of an Angel", and it seems to be strictly for chapter 3, for once we get a bit of a choice. Sure we can go back and see either way so nothing really changes, but what side would you be on first?

For me, I guess I'd choose Bendy only to see what's going down over there. Not because I like Bendy better, it's just because I want to see how he even tries to get into where Henry is and how he's stopped and how Boris gets separated from you. 
And then I'd probably go back to the beginning and see what Alice has to give. 

So what side would you choose first?

And always, every chapter...I make a picture dedicated to the chapter...
I do have another version without the words on it. 

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