Get ready for Hour of Devastation - Solution
Thanks again as always everyone for another terrific week. This week's puzzle offered a little taste of the new set, Hour of Devastation, as we are primed to start our HOU season starting this Wednesday!

As always, all Patrons will have access to submitting a puzzle solution between Wednesday 12pm ET and Friday 11:59pm ET. Correct answers earn points, faster correct answers earn more points, and more points at the end of the season earn more prizes!

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Getting it Right

Back to this past week's puzzle though. You've got three different discard-costed effects, and just a single card in hand - one that you might want to use to add up some extra damage, at that. What's the right line?

Well, first of all, there are two ways to sidestep the one-card limitation. The Scorpion God might be able to draw you cards if you work its ability the right way, and if it somehow dies, it too becomes a card in hand. This second feature of the new God turns out to be key to the solution - take a look:

The Solution

1. Pay 2 to move Stitcher's Graft from Furyblade Vampire onto The Scorpion God. Furyblade Vampire gets sacrificed due to the Graft's unequipping clause.

2. Activate Key to the City, discarding Precise Strike, targetting the God.

3. Now an unblockable 9/8, the God gets in for a smooth 9 damage.

4. After combat, equip the Sticher's Graft onto Skirsdag Supplicant. The Scorpion God gets sacrificed due to the Graft's unequipping clause.

5. At the beginning of your end step, The Scorpion God's delayed triggered ability resolves and it is returned to your hand.

6. Before the turn ends (you must win this turn, after all), activate Skirsdag Supplicant, losing each player 2 life, and finishing off your opponent. (If we haven't started our own life total, you can assume it is irrelevant, so we don't have to worry about dying to this ability too.)

Pretty neat for an uncommon, right? We hope you're ready for more of that, because the first official Hour of Devastation puzzle is coming your way this Wednesday at noon ET, and although it's an uncommon too, it's at least as tricky as this one. Good luck!