Get a tardigrade souvenir from Antarctica

Hey Space Friends!

I got back from Antarctica six months ago and I've been processing everything from that expedition ever since (no joke, there are many vials of microbes from Antarctica still sitting in my fridge!). I've been giddy to finally share videos with you these last few weeks of what it was like to spend five weeks there. Many of you last year joined my Patreon to get a rad postcard in the mail from Antarctica and help support the expedition and all the ongoing work associated with it. 

As a thank you to patrons old and new, I want to mail you a souvenir from Antarctica. A tardigrade (aka "water bear") from Antarctica. I can't mail you one of my vials from my fridge, but I can mail you a print of an adorable tardigrade that I photographed while in Antarctica that is smiling and waving hello! 

I found this tardigrade literally living inside of a glacier in Antarctica. This little friend measured approximately 1/3rd of a millimeter big. What I love about tardigrades is not just that they can survive such extremes – like the vacuum of space or the belly of a glacier – but that they're everywhere on Earth! They're in your sidewalks and gardens and fences. If you see moss, there's likely some tardigrades in there. A while back I wrote an abbreviated guide to how to find a tardigrade.

How to get your tardigrade souvenir from Antarctica - the deets:

This is a limited-time offer! Sign up at a $5 or higher tier level by August 15, 2019 to receive yours. Prints will be mailed out starting in mid-July. Print measures 5x5" (12.7x12.7cm) and will be signed by me on the back.

If you are an existing $5+ Space Friend, please make sure that your shipping address is up-to-date by July 7.  

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