Get to know us
My name is Rhiannon, and I am one of the two people who own this account. My friemd Olivia runs the account with me, and we've decided that we would like to share what we have to offer with the world.

I myself am a person who loves to sing, dance, draw, paintpaint, binge watch tv showsshows, read, contemplate my life choices, make others laugh and create shit on different social media platforms. (Oh, and I curse... A lot 😂) I have experience with a large community, and leave my messages open for questions and for any help. Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy future content that that my friend and I have to offer. We share similar tastes in comedy, song choices, political opinions and what we love to do, so hopefully we rrrerereach all sorts of content in the sense of variety.

So thank you, have fun, and have a nice day 😁