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Hi all!  
It's finally here, the very first version of my PSD tutorial. AND I AM SO EXCITED! There's a couple of things you need to know before you start though:
- The file explains near everything, though it is expected that you have basic knowledge about how to navigate through layers, meaning that you are capable of turnng layers on and off. If you are not able to do so you are advised to get some practice.
- This PSD is meant to teach you something, and I'm glad to share all this info with you. However, I must stress that this is my picture, and that all the rights to this picture remain mine. You may not Copy, Sell, or redistribute this image anywhere in ANY form.
- Please do not share this file with anyone who isn't a Patron, as it takes quite some effort and energy to make a file like this, and I would appreciate to get some appreciation from all that benefit from this.  
- If you tried what is explained in this PSD, feel free to share with me through direct message though!
- If you need some extra Explanation on this file, feel free to ask me about it during the monthly multiple hour Livestream!   

Most of all though I want to stress that you possibly just started exploring the vast world of retouch, and that it doesnt come easy. If you don't know what to do with this file just yet, or you try to make sense out of it but you can't yet, don't worry! You've only just started, and it might take a while before you can use this in your own workflow, that's only natural. Rome wasn't built in one day either!;)   

Then there's only one more thing for me to say: Have Fun, and Good Luck!  Love, Lilith.

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