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Gettin' jazzy with it!
I took a break from the post-tour craziness to edit this video - I thought a laid back jazz song would relax me after all that running around! :-)
Things are busy behind the scenes - Sweet Insomnia has gotten a lot attention for a completely indie release, but I definitely need help from industry partners if I'm going to reach more people.
I've been writing e-mails, making phone calls, and meeting with experts in the industry to figure out what comes next. There are so many factors to think about that my head started spinning.

So I sat down with one of my mentors today and he helped me sketch out a plan for the future. It's VERY exciting, but it's going to be VERY challenging. To be honest, I'm a little nervous. Actually, I'm shaking in my boots. But nothing of worth comes without cost. So I'm diving in!
Thank you so much for supporting me through all this - it's great to know that my patrons have my back!