Getting Back on My Feet + Rewards Shipping
This first paragraph is going to be a bit of a personal one, so if you'd rather just hear more about art, feel free to skip down to the second. And know that the tl;dr is I'm getting better.

For those of you that like to know a little more about my personal life and what goes on behind the curtain of 'everything is ok' on social media, please continue. So the past few months have been very tough on me in quite a few ways. The national climate is so exhausting right now, it is difficult to feel like I can do anything, and is nerve-wracking and pretty scary. Add to that my car needing expensive repairs a few month ago, and then I got diagnosed with endometriosis. Of which the best cure is extra hormones. I talked to the doc about it and we went into it knowing this normally doesn't go well for me. It just knocked me down. Doing anything was a struggle, everything felt futile and useless. Depression and anxiety swamped me and I just got wiped out. During this time I also stood up from my desk and dislocated my knee. So I've been going to PT for that. After a follow up appt with my doc, I'm off the hormones, over the past two weeks since I've gotten off of them I have started feeling human again. It's like this grey sticky, moldy cloth is slowly peeling away from my reality in webby strips, its almost all gone now. If things get worse again there is a good chance I am going to need surgery, which hopefully I will still have medicaid for, otherwise I'll probably have to go out of country, thankfully my boyfriend is willing to get us out of the country for it if it comes to it.  PT is going well, I can walk without pain again, and we are working on how to keep it from happening again. And just as things started feeling ok my car died. Not from previously known anything, and just DEAD. Dead on the side of the road dead. After FC I will get it towed to a mechanic, and see where we'll go with it. It may be that we become a one car household for a little while. We'll see. So that's why I've had a hard time keeping up, here and anywhere else. I struggled to even talk to family and friends during this time, but I am starting to feel that in spite of everything that I can get back on my feet (literally and figuratively) and am getting back on top of life again.


Above is my very first piece for 2017. I'm calling it "Bearing Away Sins" and it is the first piece that has really brought life to my soul in a while. This piece is part of the Changeling Artist Collective "Operation Gaia" which will be an auction to benefit the Audobon Society and each piece in it will start bidding at $5. 

I am planning on cutting back on commissions a LOT this year. Basically if you aren't part of patreon, or you don't get one of 6 slots I will have at cons, I probably won't be taking them at all for a while. The past couple years I have overbooked myself. Overdoing it a lot. And it is burning me out. I need to take some time to recenter and work on projects that I love and feel like I can grow while making them. I plan on finishing (finally) the playing cards. I am almost done the coloring book, and then also do a lot more ceramics and personal art. I hope you all enjoy seeing what I am up to, I'm really proud of the first piece of the new year and hope that it bodes well for this years journey into art.

Best wishes for a good year to all of you, and thank you for your support. Patron rewards are going out tomorrow <3

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