Getting Ground out by the Grind | Letter 23 | From N to J
Dear J, 

I can feel your exhaustion. The grind of daily living, of rebuilding your life and identity is taking its toll on your energy. 

All you want to do is sleep. 

A long deep sleep. The tiredness and fatigue from yesterday  has compounded on top of that from the day before. Now you walk back to the wall and begin again. 

You wonder if this will ever be finished. You pause, you look to the left and the right and see those next to you, equally tired, and together you start to build. 

Hollywood has done a trick on you. Those movies where the action hero seems to have superhero qualities of invincibility and perfection are fairy tales. 

Oh, and don't they always end up with a neat, tidy and good outcome? 

Real life is not like that. It's a grind at times. Somethings need to be ground out of us and into us. Perhaps it's a self-reliance, a false view of this world, and a belief in fairy tale endings. 

So what are to do about your tiredness? 

A pause and a prayer of thanks to a God who never leaves us in the grind.  

That God is with us closer and closer. 

An acceptance of your humanness. That your story is your story. That you are unique and that God is shaping something extraordinarily good out of the rubble. 

Please, don't compare yourself to others, especially those who project that they have it all together. They haven't. They are fighting and grinding out there own private battles. 

Stay close to God. Rest in Gods closeness to you as being as close as the clothes on your back. 

Then take that next millimetre forward. You're going to make it if you just venture one millimetre at a time.


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