When I get stuck for an idea I tend to fall back on drawing exercises. This peticular exercise helps jumpstart the creative juices. Line doodles. 

 This process seems to have given birth to a new rage, Zantangles. Its a creative out pour of lines and shapes mainly done in small sizes with just pen and paper within triangles drawn on the page. I like to make a doodle/scribble and look at it until I see something in the lines. This sometimes helps me find new angles or objects to draw. Most times its just to get going again. 

  Pick up a pen or pencil and doodle some lines. You can pick up a small sketchbook to use for these exercises or grab scrap paper. Whatever works for you. I have a small pocket sized sketchbook I use. Look at the movement and shapes after you've doodled for a minute and when you see something you darken the outline. You can color it in if you feel like it, or you can look for something else within the doodle.  Maybe you see a whole bustling city within the doodle? Fruit? A person? Skyline? Its never ending. 

 It would be a safe bet that this exercise draws from your memory. Things you've seen and possibly have drawn before but allows different angles and curves than you might have thought to draw. In the doodle pictured above I might not have thought to draw a nose that long or a bowtie quite like that. 

 These practice doodles don't always end up as full works of art but they do help me when I get a little stuck for an idea or how I want to draw something. Sometimes they do end up sparking a full illustration. Maybe one of these days I'll create one full piece out of all the practice doodles. 


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