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Hey guys! I've been so astonished seeing all these new peeps pouring into the Patron circle! I'm so happy to welcome you to my Patreon page~

As you can see I have a few posts so far, but not as many as I'd like. From January next year I'll be attempting to up the amount of content that I upload here on Patreon, and especially Patron only content, that will only be shown here. For now I have plans to work on references and wallpapers, as well as sketches and illustrations for upcoming idea's, even for different projects.

Is there anything you'd be interested in seeing?In other words, what would you like your support to go towards? The only thing I can't do is tutorials, as those take a long time to produce and I don't trust that my advice would be good for budding artists..! It's a personal choice,  but that may change in the future if requests for tutorials intensify haha!

Also, to add the subject of WYIM to this post; from now onwards I'll be uploading pages as I finish them, so you'll get to see pages before normal updating times, which are Sundays every week on both Deviantart and Tapastic.

On another note, I'd also like to organize some type of contest where I can give out prizes to the top three; I had written my first goal at the mark of $100 per month to go towards a giveaway contest every so often, but recently I found out that giveaways/raffels aren't allowed here on Patreon, though I may have read wrong? Correct me if I'm wrong!

I have been slack with this, but I'd like to actually sort one out, if you have any idea's on what you'd like the contest to consist of, and whether or not you'd like it to be limited to Patrons only or worldwide, please share your thoughts! :-)

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome week~

(Also, if you have any more questions about anything at all, please let me know in the comment section, or contact me privately!)


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