Getting More Efficient!
Hey all!

How's it been going?! I didn't realize I hadn't been posting on here much. I've been preoccupied with finding a part time job for the summer, setting up my accounts properly and more importantly, working on my website and trello account. 

I've been trying to decide on what to post on my blog. My website comes with that cool feature and thus far I've been able to map out one post to make minimum per day during the work week.

Motivational Monday: An inspirational quote or image to start off the week.

Text Tuesday: (Made it up) I'll post an old story or dabble piece I wrote that I'd like to bring to light.

Wisdom Writing Wednesday: Give a writing or screenwriting tip for any writer's following my blog.

Throwback Thursday: I'll post an old pic I was gifted or I got commissioned for my content.

TGI Friday: I give a shout out to the content creators I know and admire to help them get a little more views on their projects.

Saturday and Sunday I'm not sure about just yet.

If you haven't subscribed to my blog, don't worry. If it helps I'll be posting it all here as well. I found an amazing app that helps me post to several of my social media sites at once, so it takes care of SOME of the tedious/repetitive stuff. So now I'll be scheduling ahead to make sure you guys get more content in addition to the private stuff some people'll never know about!

So that's just my update for now. You guys don't need to subscribe to my website if you don't want too since I'll be posting the same stuff from my blog to here but  it will be where I keep everything.

That's all for today! Gonna get back to planning and structuring stories to write.

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