Getting my body ready for the big 200+ mile ride October 20th
Hey gang, so sorry for the silence as our schedules have been readjusting to a new day time schedule. During the last few weeks I've been working on a few health issues in which we're still trying to figure out however I'm also preparing my body to be able to handle a 20-30 hour straight bike ride. I've been having to take a bit of downtime from riding due to work, health, and of course excessive wear and tear on my bike that we wanted to avoid before this big ride. I still need lights, a few more tubes and all I'll have everything needed for the ride. During the time I've been riding bikes I've out grew my shorts, bibs, and jerseys to the point that at the current moment I dont have any shorts to wear until the ones we ordered arrives this afternoon. A lot of the reasons I have no shorts to wear are that I have put on 30+ pounds since I started riding bikes and over the last 2 months I havent been able to ride as much to keep me at least to the waist size to where I could continue wearing my other shorts; this will take a few months to possibly be able to fit back into them depending on muscle growth.

It's been a nice adventure and a huge learning curb given some of the differences within riding now and riding a few months back. Currently I have stepped away from riding with local group rides unless I am leading them; this is due to schedule and type of riding. From the beginning I had always had a passion for going further and further and have had no interest in being the fastest or the slowest; riding is pure happiness and that is what I'd like to keep it as. We have changed bike shops, this happen a few weeks back when we endured something that customers of a shop shouldnt go through; now our main go to bike shop is called "Bike Barn" located in Phoenix. Bike Barn not only is a new home based bike shop for us, it also has #TeamDave and #TeamMary which between those two life in the cycling lifestyle couldnt be more perfect.

From here on out when we do big planned bike rides such as the #Beeline200 they will always start and finish at Bike Barn. On that note I do need to pick me up a Bike Barn jersey so that I can represent them during not only the big rides but also my daily riding.

Our new schedule.... well maybe I should say my wife's new schedule, it finally lines up with my schedule. We're now doing everything in the day time together versus me doing days and her doing nights. Hopefully soon once everything levels out Annika will be back to riding with me, I know she can't wait.

Whelp, it's time for me to bouce as I have a lot to do for today so that we can get adjusted within our new schedule and tomorrow I'll be on my bike hopefully outside (depending on rain), if not I'll do a long ride indoors; either way it's time to get to riding. Hugs everyone and thanks for the support, keep your fingers crossed that I can get my lights before the ride.