Getting Rolling in 2017
A new year, a clean slate! I spent the Advent and Christmas season mostly recording Christmas songs here and there and posting them to YouTube. I did play one Christmas party at a coffee shop (with Kim Strother) and also with Kim I had a slot at the Indiana Makers Market, which is a great little arts and crafts sale that happens twice a year. I LOVE playing Christmas songs. And it's a nice change of pace from the usual set lists. 

Songwriting has slowed since moving back to farm life, but the other night I did some recording in the bathroom, which turned out surprisingly well. Using GarageBand and the "natural voice" setting, I ended up with a pretty good, full, folky sound. I got 8 songs down by the end of the night, all with at least vocal and guitar, and I might just leave them like that as their own little collection, lovingly called The Bathroom Project. Or I might add in some more intruments. I haven't decided. All were newer originals. 

Work on the disc I'd been recording all summer has slowed. With help from a friend I got a few of the tracks cleaned up and decided which ones needed to be re-recorded. It's frustrating to think you've got a keeper, only to listen to is more critically and discover it really should just be scrapped. Self/Home/Low-Budget recording comes with a lot of little annoyances, but a lot of advantages too, such as, "I feel like recording RIGHT NOW. Let's go!" and getting some keeper tracks at midnight on a Thursday. 

I'll do my best to get some YouTube videos up from the Christmas Carols. I'm still trying to figure out how to convert GarageBand files to be listenable in places outside Garage Band. A goal is to get a small collection into digitable, purchasable format (iTunes) but doing that is oddly more complicated and expensive than one might think! 

Thanks again for your patronage and support! 

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