Getting serious about the CNC Mini Mill
My plans from the start with this mini-mill were to eventually convert it to CNC. I didn't have any experience with true CNC machine work and figured I could easily and inexpensively experiment on a machine like this. While it's been a challenge to get things working right and thus figure out if a particular issue was really my mistake or a problem with the machine, it's actually worked quite well so far and it's time I set things up in a better way.

The first thing I decided to do is build an enclosure. I was tracking chips everywhere and with a 10 month old crawling around the house loose chips are not welcome. The other task I set forth with this series of upgrades was to do it with as little budget as possible. I did end up spending just a little money (less than $50) but far less than the $1500 it was projected to cost to do a nice, extruded aluminum, standalone enclosure.

This series of videos shows upgrades and improvements I am making to the work environment as well as the machine itself. We start with the enclosure in part 1, move on to limit switches and wiring in part 2, get doors and wiring done in part 3, and hopefully get the machine dialed in to its full potential in part 4.

Thanks for watching!