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Getting spouse approval - Wingspar hole prep - Nutplates - Prime or Not
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In this video while I continue to work on the right wing spar I talk about how I got wife approval.  I also mention some things that others brought up regarding how to afford things which is something I talked about in the previous video.

I show and talk about nut plates and how you're going to use the heck out of them. 

And I answer a viewer question about prime or not to prime and why I chose to not bother with it. 

0:00 - How to get wife approval?!

7:07 - Wingspar Preparation and all the holes!

10:14 - Nutplates!

13:04 - To prime, or not to prime.. and why I chose not to.

So with that, what do you think?  I'd love to hear your opinion on any aspect of this video.  Comments are always welcome.

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