Getting Started
So now that summer break has begun and the school year is behind me, I am going to get started on a number of composition projects. I want to write material that is actually going to be useful to music teachers, played by performing groups of all kinds, etc. I've been doing some exploring online to see if I can find a place where my particular level of experience and my creative interests can be of service to people. I got some good ideas from online music teachers groups about some pieces that will fit a need that is not supported by the traditional publishing industry. Things like: * Lower than grade 1 strings music * Elementary strings music that has separate lines for violin 2 and viola, or cello and bass * High school level choral pieces written for SAB (small chorus programs with less male singers) In addition to these, I plan to write a series of short quartet pieces that are playable by any combination of band or string instruments, and at least one major work for concert band. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please do become a patron or suggest my Patreon page to others you think will be interested in supporting me and following my work.