Getting Started 2017 01: Allotment Apiary
The first of our series of videos for the new 2017 season designed for the beginner beekeeper.

In this first video I introduce you to my rather dilapidated apiary at my allotment site here in Norwich, UK and start the process of preparing it for the soon to arrive nucleus colony of Honeybees. It is important to ensure that all the preparation work is carried out prior to the installation of any live honeybees, once they are in place working around them becomes tricky and it is best to have it all done well in advance.

These videos will take the beginner beekeeper through the process of introducing a newly acquired nucleus colony of honeybees into a full size hive and caring for them through the first beekeeping season. Including feeding, inspections, swarm control and prevention, disease checks, creating an additional colony by artificial swarming and much more. All with the aim of preparing the colony for the Winter of 2017/18 and bringing them through successfully into the new season of 2018.