Getting the t-shirt or other rewards for less...
Well, not exactly LESS - but we wanted to clarify:

The rewards are each priced to cover the costs of the items on the first month. This means after your first payment is processed we can send out your rewards - they are paid for and we won't lose money.

For simplicity's sake we are using the t-shirt as an example, but this applies to all of the rewards:

If you have the funds to pay $20/month, we don't want to stop you from doing so - but we realize many people may not - so here is the work around for that: Sign up for the $20 reward for the first month, get the t-shirt, then change to the $3/month subscription afterward and get the bonus content.

If this seems like a headache, but you still want the t-shirt (or other rewards), go ahead and sign up for the $3.00/month subscription and contact us - we can make other arrangements.

Questions / other confusion? Just contact us ( [email protected]  ) - we're happy to help.

Episode 2 is coming in one week!
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