Geumaphobia or Geumophobia- Fear of taste. (May Short Story)

She was dying, and she knew it. It was honestly a shame that there wasn’t a thing that she could do about it. Every time she got close to food, a cold sweat broke over her body and her entire frame began to tremble with that fear that she’d had for the past 3 weeks. She wasn’t even sure what had brought this on. Perhaps it was that elder woman who she had laughed at in the street. She was starving, begging for food… and Shayna had looked her dead in the eyes and stared as she’d dropped her nearly untouched food into the garbage.

“Looks like someone should get a job. You waste of space. If you want it so bad, dig for it.” And she’d meant to just walk by. The old woman, however, moved with the speed of a striking serpent, and her hand touched Shayna’s stomach. Black eyes looked at her with loathing, but then her face broke into a smile.


She hadn’t thought anything about it until she went home that night. She picked up some fast food so that she could watch her favorite television shows and relax… and as she’d tried to bring the burger to her mouth, she could imagine nothing other than writhing bugs, the taste of blood and death. The food in her hands nearly stung her flesh and she threw it far away from her with a scream. She didn’t want to taste it. She couldn’t! Not that taste!

She thought nothing of it though. Shayna was a busy girl - she assumed she was just tired. If it had only been that day, perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered at all.

Three weeks later and her body was so exhausted that she could hardly move to the couch. There were scattered food wrappers all around her, spoiled food stinking up her living room… and still, she hadn’t eaten. She’d dropped weight until none of her clothing fit, and she could feel exhaustion sweeping across her senses. She was so afraid that if she slept this time, she wouldn’t wake up…

Looking at the food in front of her, the pizza that she’d had delivered… she knew that she couldn’t eat it. The thought of tasting it, of the stinging hot pepperoni, the way that it could crawl and writhe on her tongue like blood and worms… no. She couldn’t. She couldn’t!

Her body was exhausted and her eyes closed. She pushed the food away with a sad whimpering cry. She just couldn’t stand the taste.