Before we begin, GF would like to introduce what is happening here. Many of you are first timers on this site and some of you have been here since day one. Thank you for putting up with GF. No joke. Dear god, how do you do it. Anyway, this is the way the short stories will work:

The name of this blog series will be GF Campfire. Now, most stories will not be scary or mysterious, as one would expect of campfire stories. They will just be good old fiction and fantasy from the heart. Some will be slice of life. Others may be science fiction short stories. Some may even be snippets of people living within the worlds in my novels. Who knows? Whatever they are, GF will have worked on them for a good amount of time. They could be stories he never told, some based on real life, and so on. The thing is, though, that they will be extremely short. This info post may be bigger than most of them. GF will post them as often as he can. As of now, there is no set schedule for them. Read them when you can. In the future, GF will turn them into a book collection and publish them as a paperback. He hopes you will enjoy that when the day comes.

First, he will post a picture that has to do with the story's subject matter. Now, most of the time he will not own the picture. It will be a random picture he found on the internet. Bear with him. If it is yours and you don't want it here, send him a message and he will replace it. He will not be making money with the picture anyway since he has no ads on the website since he hates websites with a million ads.

Second will be the actual story. Remember. They are SHORT. Like short. No really. This isn't a joke.

Third, he will talk about the story and give a small reflection on it. A paragraph or two at most. Probably longer than the story itself.

Last, tell your friends and family! Discuss the story here or on social media! Enjoy it and let everyone know what you think or on how GF can improve! Lets get the GF Campfire lit and spread the word! We're telling campfire stories over here! If you'd like, share your stories with us as well! Post them in the comments, send them to me in a message so I can credit you and make a post, or just put it on your own blog if you have one and tell us about it!

Side Note: GF will also be publishing what he hopes to be a free web novel here on this site in the future. Full chapters will be uploaded here, so stay tuned for that. There is no name for the novel or for the project yet! Anyway, enjoy the campfire story...

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