‘Ghetto Retreat’ Lets Mansion Dwellers Get in Touch with Urban Decay
“Here’s something we’re really proud of,” gushed Ms LeBonBon as she  opened the small refridgerator in the trailer and took out a small  cylindrical package. “Looks authentic, doesn’t it?” She held it out for  examination. It appeared to be a non-descript government-processed  package of ‘Mechanically Separated Turkey‘. “It’s actually  fresh pâté de foie gras, shipped in daily from a local craft farm. And  check this out!” She next brought out a four-pack of what looked to be  Colt 45 tallboys. “We have made several licensing agreements, these  actually contain craft beers from a wonderful little micro-brewery in  the Bay Area. These are just more examples of the pains we’ve taken to  insure our guests the most realistic experience possible.”