Gholicky (Many Monsters Project)


It feeds on the body heat of people using its long, cold, liquid tongue. When its done feeding, its body disappears into a mist.

This monster is based on a chameleon, a ghost, and the chemical acetone (it has a low boiling point and evaporates quickly. If you touch acetone, it feels cold since it takes heat from you as it evaporates). I came up with the idea for this when I touched acetone in an organic chem lab and noticed how cold it felt.

If it were a Pokemon...


Species: Tongue Pokemon

Type: Ghost

Ability: Levitate

Egg Group: Amorphous

Notable moves: Slam, Mist, Haze, Shadow Sneak. Lick, Wrap, Giga Drain,

Name Origin

Gholicky: Ghost/ Lick

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