Ghost | Live at the Dakota w. Ben Whiteley & Charlotte Cornfield
Twas a chilly winter's night up in Toronto and twas a delight and an honor to play with Ben Whiteley & Charlotte Cornfield. This was our first time all playing together and the show was raw and real in the vibey subterranean wonderland that is The Dakota Tavern. Ben & Charlotte are seriously great people and musicians! Perhaps one day we'll be able to have more than one rehearsal and one show. May it be so! I'd love that. I don't want to be bossy, but maybe you should check out Charlotte's music?

Ghost is a song off of Ghost of a Gardener (surprise surprise) and near and dear to my heart. And at the heart of it, I suppose, is a faith that all will unfold and all will be well. Life may be baffling (and maybe brutal) but best to shrug that off and keep walking / learning / playing / loving / losing / stumbling / singing. Perhaps one day it will all make sense.

Thom Varey did a great job on the video production. Thanks Thom!

with heart,