Ghost of Utopia Prompts
Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

“We need to do something about him!”

“You can’t just… you can’t just shoot him! Maybe he is immune?”

“Ryan, he is not! Just look at him - he can’t fly anymore, he can barely walk, he’s sick to the bone and when he… when he growls…”

Gavin closed his eyes and wrapped his wings around  himself. Pretending not to hear.

Things you said at 1am

It was pitch black around them, the field they had settled on a sea of darkness and every noise could be an Infected. It was horrifying and Ray didn’t even try to sleep. He had just leaned against Jack’s back, knowing that the lion wasn’t allowed to sleep, so he could at least keep him company.

“Okay,” Jack began, continuing their little game. “Which is the Achievement with the highest points in Minecraft?”

He thought about it, humming. Before it would have been an easy question but before didn’t exist anymore.

Before he wouldn’t sit on a field in the middle of the night, watching an exhausted Ryan sleep a few feet away. Before his ears wouldn’t be trained on Gavin’s breathing, the bird laying down in some distance as always. He also sounded asleep.

“I think there are multiples actually,” he finally mumbled. “Entering the Nether, defeating the dragon. On a rail, of course.” They both chuckled at the memory and Ray closed his eyes. “Baking a cake. A few others.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Jack moved, Ray could feel it. Scanning the area.

They seemed safe, because he went. “Okay, third Achievement you get in GTA V.”

Things you always meant to say but never got the chance

Ray reached out and finally, finally grabbed Michael’s wrist. Pulling close and holding tight and never letting go again.

“I found you! I found you!”