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Giant Cupcake Cake Tutorial!
Ever wondered how to make a giant cupcake without the "special pan"? I dont' know about you but I don't like using those pans because the cake always dries out! In this class I will teach you how to sculpt a cupcake using nothing but the pans you already have and a sharp knife! How to apply buttercream to an odd shape and get that pretty frosted top! I will also show you how to use some cool special effects and pre-made isomalt from to make glowing candles! They might look intimidating but trust me, anyone can do it! This tutorial will be posted to and to this feed after cards are run in May. It will also be emailed to you directly (pdf with links). Don't forget to check your patreon mail after May 1st for the months password to get on! If you have any questions, please ask! $15 patrons - full tutorial, time-lapse plus mailed gift $9 patrons - full tutorial and time-lapse $5 patrons - time-lapse only
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