Giant Dragons Link O' The Day!
I've been looking at Starfinder info as of late. It looks like something pretty cool. But for those of you who need some Sci-Fi adventure right now. I can not suggest Alterkine enough. 

I've backed a few of the kickstarters. And boy, do they lay out some great value for money. The books are well done. The text is clear and well layed out. The artwork is top notch. 

My only foray into running newish D&D comes from running a few different campaigns of D20 Modern. The Alterkine system is very very similar as a OGL product. It can be run by any DM that has a familiarity with D&D in a heartbeat. 

So, go on great adventures. See the universe and don't forget to check out the splat books and adventures. They are just as cool. Especially the Planetary Survey. It's up there with Barlow's Guide to Aliens in terms of usefulness in any Sci-Fi sytem.