The Gibby J45 journey continues... continues to get WORSE!
Hello folks! My apologies for the hold ons being on hold. As you know I broke my toe 3 to 4 weeks ago, when it wasn't healing like I thought it should the pain finally forced me to get it checked, I've had to devote more time to this than planned and turns out counting the broken toe I have 3 bones in my foot broken! Anyways that's the reason for the delay. 

The Gibson J45... WOW! Another possessed and cursed guitar! I steamed the neck off today and just wait until you see what I found!!! Not just another problem but plenty of problems! Plus the fact I can show you Gibson tried to cover up the problems this guitar left the factory with. I hope whoever bought this guitar new got it as a 2nd and didn't pay the original price J45's go for!

I'm working on the video of all of this to show you and hope to have it up by late tonight or early tomorrow, one of my 4 cameras decided to bite the dust during all this and that's another reason for the delay. Stay tuned! You won't want to miss this and you'll see it here first because you're a Patron!