기부자 전용 오디오 강의 3편!
기부자와 유튜브 스폰서 전용 오디오 강의 3편을 올립니다. 

이번 편에서 무더위, 더위 먹다, 간지러운 데를 긁어주다, 멘붕 등등의 표현을 살펴봅니다! 아래 예문을 참조하면서 들어보세요.

The inaugural edition of the show! 

The Presidential Inauguration 

Welcome to the 3rd installment of the show! 

I’ve had a stubborn cold. 

I’ve been suffering with a stubborn cold. 

What’s his personality like? 

Well, he’s kindhearted, but a little stubborn.

I’ve had a stubborn cough. 

He has a stubborn cold. 

To slip one’s mind

I wanted to mention that expression last time, but it slipped my mind. 

A stubborn cold 

A stubborn case of pinkeye 

A stubborn cough 

It scratches an itch 

Your lectures really scratch an itch.

He has a million-dollar smile!

Trump's favorite phrase: 

It’s a witch hunt!


I think I’m gonna get heatstroke! 

I think he’s having a nervous breakdown! 

It’s sweltering in here! 

Turn the AC on full blast!