Gift suggestion: The Badass Feminist Coloring Book
Reminder, for the holidays; Color me, and a tremendous number of amazing intersectional feminists including Bree Newsome who took down that shitass flag! Get your cathARTic on, get introduced to amazing feminists, and support a truly gifted Seattle artist/author. There is also a kids version. A KIDS VERSION! Hint: My quote involves poop. ;) AND check out the ROUNDUP OF THE BEST RESPONSES FROM NONE OTHER THAN TROLLY MCTROLLERSON! Behold, my dears; examples of the precise reasons why I need feminism, and why I am so proud and grateful to be in this book. "Won't be happy until she is in an orange jumpsuit!" "The world has gone mad at the hands of insane leaders who are running the asylum." "That's what the US needs, a lesbian indoctrination coloring book!" "it flies in the face of the core concept of gender identity." "Huff compost at its best, feminist should be sent to iran for hanging." "Are we going to surrender our country and freedom to these fascists just because they call us names? WEAK!!! " "I want to help this dimbo move to western Iraq, where she (it?) can meet some real sexists." "This is all because of groups like the NAACP, ACLU and the like." "If the Founders knew what this nation would be turned into, they never would have fought the British." "I'm a woman and this just makes me sick." "This is why western civilization is going to be overrun" "My mother regrets not breastfeeding her babies because formula feeding was supposed to "free" women." "This is what happens when you cater to the crazies" "Feminism, a subset of leftofacism, which is a mental disorder" "Female Writer Says Restroom Signs Are SEXIST Because Women Aren’t Wearing Pants In Them" "A coloring book? A fucking coloring book? Even the gays would heckle them for this one." "Try doing this in Iran." "This is the WORST piece of propaganda I have EVER laid my eyes upon."