Gimli WIP-- The Penultimate Dwarf!
I've kind of been a hot mess the past couple of days. I got to a point in my writing where I realized I have more exposition than actual story because of where I'm starting in the story.  I don't mind the majority of what I have bein' flashbacks and backstory, but I need to have more than one quest, one adventure, and one political and one religious upheaval for this first story.  I need a string of mini-adventures. I have a very good start though and can back off that for a minute to get back to finishing up these dwarves' portraits. I can add more as I think of storyline and get to the serious writing in July as planned. So even with the block I'm still on target.

In other news, I've been havin' regular migraine auras which is no fun, let me tell ya.  Fortunately, I never get to the migraine part of it, but the aura part of it is just a little bit scary as an artist. It makes these jagged arcs of light in one side of both eyes and basically I can't see out of one side of both eyes. One day it will be the left, the next the right.  It's rather uncomfortable too. The only thing I could do was to try and figure out what triggers this mess and I am pretty sure it is the HIGH caffeine intake from all my Starbucks days.  I'm gonna switch to tryin' all their nasty juices, I guess.

So I didn't make much progress on Gimli yesterday, but today I got him sketched out. His references aren't many, but his beard is different in every one! I decided to give him maximum hair/beard beads.  I suspect Gimli is kind of a ladies' dwarf and would appreciate the bonus bling.  His color pop will be his Leaf of Lorien which I offset so you can actually see it.