Gipi Guest Artist Wrap Up
I had a great time painting these four miniatures. What I loved most about them was how each was strikingly different from the next. They each have their own characteristic traits that come through even more once they're painted up.

For example, Donna Carlotta's disdain is even more obvious in her sneer and squinted eyes once you see the rest of her skin painted in soft pink "fleshy" tones. The Little Prince comes off as even more of a weasel when his pale skin brightly shows off his pose. Hunched over and pressed against the wall like a cornered rodent. His wild eyes and tilted helmet show how deranged he is. Pipino's slovenly aspect is even more pronounced when you see the folds in his body. You can see how out of shape he is because not only is his upper body flabby, but his legs are just scrawny and bird-like. Taken together, it is obvious that Pipino has not gotten much exercise in his life. Finally, the mad woman that is Celia La Santa. I did not have a lot of fun painting her up until I switched the colors of her skin from a ghoulish purple to a warm Caucasian tone. It really emphasizes her degradation into madness, like you see in her cover art on the box.

I am very happy that I got to paint these minis!


+Amazing character in each sculpt
+Diversify of miniatures, each is a work of art
+Gipi's artistry shines when you take all four painted miniatures together side-by-side


-These are not very "heroic" looking miniatures
-Mold lines! Gross!