Girl U Want
The other morning over yogurt I think, Devon and I were watching Devo in 1978 doing Can't Get No Satisfaction on SNL.  It looked like it must have felt really ferocious to move that tight, to lean forward with mechanical fangs out -- what a ROBO-REBEL gang!  And somehow Devo makes you feel like they'd let you join?  

By the way, I sometimes think Mark Mothersbaugh seems to have a lot figured out.  I like all his jobs.  I like where he seems to keep his mind.  I bet when he acquired Ray Scott's Electronium (a way early & wild synth), he probably knew he wouldn't wake up the next day feeling like all his problems were solved.  That wasn't why he put the Electronium in his house.

Anyhow, this Devo song was Devon's idea after the ultrasound tech pointed at the screen and said we were having a girl.  We secretly wanted a girl.  It was a great idea -- I love this song.  

Download bigole wav here

Slimjim mp3 here

SNL clip here

Raymond Scott's Electronium

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Back in 2012, we were walking down the street one very average day.  But then we saw a dollar on the ground. We don't talk about it much, but we remember it.  This level's contribution helps us revisit that afternoon's good fortune in a more concrete way.  Welcome aboard!
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In 1973, Schoolhouse Rock declared, “Three is a magic number. / Yes it is.  It’s a magic number. / Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity / You get three..."  Fair enough, and we three(!) thank you way kindly.
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On Oct 2, 1977, the Dodgers were playing the Astros.  Dusty Baker hit his 30th home run.  Dusty's teammate Glenn Burke was waiting on deck as Dusty rounded the bases, and raised his hand in the air in triumph.  Said Dusty, "Glenn's hand was up in the air, so I reached up and hit it.  It seemed like the right thing to do."  Devon says this was the first high five.  Your generous contribution, however, is the most recent. We're so thankful, we have half a mind to slap you on the butt!  BONUS.

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When Paul was six, he loved Heidi who was TEN.  Heidi played the beautiful Cinderella in the school play, while Paul played a single segment of a multi-segmented worm (albeit the head).  Paul used sit on his bunkbed and transcribe the lyrics to Lionel Richie's "Hello" and just pray to one day reach double-digits.  Your advanced-level contribution has him dancing all over the room, even in front of his aunt who used to think Paul's dancing meant he was gay.
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You know 20/20?  Not the show with Barbara Walters... 20/20 like the score on a vision test.  Did you know that's the Imperial System?  Did you know the metric-system equivalent is 6/6?  Well, no matter how you measure it, we can see that you have exquisite taste in contributions.  Just knowing you makes us feel better about ourselves!
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